Welcome to our Team!
Community Tennis Project

Currently, the USTA (United States Tennis Association) and Liles Engineering, LLC are partnering with us to construct tennis courts in our community.

The first Tennis Concept above was drawn by the USTA design team.

The second Master Plan was drawn by the design team at Fleming Architects.

Thank you for considering to join our team by providing resources of construction services, planning and/or funding.

Your generous donations of time and finances will help us offer this awesome opportunity to kids in the Memphis and surrounding areas.

0 W. Shelby Dr. was once an eyesore in the community that was full of junk.

Y-MOT, INC. raised the funds to purchase the property with the help of various businesses, individuals and churches. We were then able to clean up the blight with the help of countless volunteers.

Next, we were able to raise funds and also secure volunteers from various contractors who helped us clear brush and trees from the property.

Now comes the exciting part. We are raising funds and also resources of people who are willing to offer their services of contracting, engineering and land grading to this project.

Our team is dedicated to making this vision a reality for the kids in the community.

For years, Y-MOT has taken at-risk youth all over the community and the nation to experience life changing events and to participate in healthy activities and sports.

This project will offer youth from all over to come to Y-MOT to develop healthy habits while also being empowered to develop spiritually, mentally and physically.

Y-MOT, INC. "Empowering Youth Holistically"

Project Committee

Timothy Saffold - Chairman

John Colton - Secretary

Riley Gill - Planning

Jason Gambone - Planning

Scott Trapolino - Consultant

Holly Crump-Snowden - Consultant

Hazel Simmons - Assistant Director

Patrick Simmons - Executive Director